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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PST

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thank you. >> thank you for applauding. never know. [laughter]. so, these next few pieces are jewish art songs the jewish art song is not something that most people know about even if you are into classical music. raise your hand if you know shoemoner shoebert? these songs are actually in yiddish but they are art songs. they are beautiful. and they are not done. right.
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soy, i hope you enjoy the next few pieces. i will describe them. the first was written by [inaudible] a song that has almost nonsentence words but it's your time to be with god and your moment alone with whatever you need. i hope you appreciate this one. [music] ♪[applause]
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>> thank you. so the next piece, it's beautiful. this is yiddish a beautiful song that was given to me by george rosenside who is an amazing person. and this next piece was the same composer composed in paris and called the yiddish and a
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great -- it's so beautiful. yiddish the wealth of my treasure much the kreet urs -- from it's yiddish. so many true, simple and core people wandering through countries and over the world where truth -- [music] ♪
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[applause] this next piece is actually, this piece and the next piece going into it actually have a really nice story about it. the next piece is very, very well known by people who know yiddish folk songs. now, in this piece, this was said so it was classically it's not the same tune as most people know it. know the piece. so, it's very beautiful. it's a holocaust song. reach out your white hand to me. running over my words are tierce that want to rest in your hand
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the poetry is gorgeous. and in this piece, i was at a camp where we all learned yiddish. there was an old man and he sang not this piece but the regular version. this woman was working and said, who are you with this piece? nobody knew if he was a holocaust survivor. everyone was lored by this man who could get up and sing this song when he was a survivor, everybody was breaking out in tears and was amazing and the next piece i had to get up and sing. what an act to follow. i will go with the piece i was going to sing anyway. this is a gypsy song. [laughter]. free to love and -- [laughter].
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i'm thinking this guy is going to walk out of the room and never like me ever again. he doesn't know me but he is going to hate me and remember me as the girl when totally ruinned the moment. [laughter]. i go and you will hear in a minute after this song and he's crying. he's like crying so much that i almost was going to stop but i didn't stop. at the end me got up and everyone was silent and he said, when i was in the concentration camp the only reason i survived is because a gypsy girl came and she would sneak me food in her apron everyday. and i was in love with her. that was the only way i got through. and he said that i looked just like her. [laughter].
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worked out; right ? [laughter] think i look like this. [laughter]. and he was so inadd mirrorad with this woman when he heard me sing he was sobbing and he was hugging me. and just amazing and so i really wanted to tell you that story to put the 2 songs together for you to give you a sense of what this was like for me. [music] ♪[music]
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[applause] >> so now you know -- [laughter]. so this next piece actually another one of the beautiful gems that i found in new york in a yiddish archives it's been lost for so many years. i was lucky to perform it in new york for october for a big jewish audience and people fell in love with it. it's a true story and something
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that still exists now. this means god watches over -- this piece a girlfriend her boyfriend goes to war and she says, i was lucking to be in love for a little while. i had love and everything i could ever want and now he's off at war and i'm alone. and i don't know what will happen after this. will he kill another mother's child. will i have to live with that? god watch over my belove ed and all the mother's sons. [music] [applause]
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>> so, not sure how much time we have left? keep going. all right. right? all right. so the next few pieces i wanted to tell you about. one is by [inaudible] and the other is by the same composer that did [inaudible] those
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conductors the father of russian music. know this song is not a song that was a yiddish it was a russian song and translated to yiddish because people loved it so much when they immigrated to new york it became a favorite. this next piece the lark, is a beautiful piece about a small bird singing between the skies and it's poetic. and -- [music] ♪[applause]
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>> this next piece is another russian piece. it's done in many ways. we decided to turn it into something different today. [music] yesterday i was standing
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outside. there was a deli. a lot of people outside and i say, gosh, did [inaudible] they are in love and i'm sitting here alone trying to keep dry from the rain. they have an umbrella. what am i going to do i'm all alone xi think. may be they are not so happy. ever think of that? [music] i think to myself --
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here comes [inaudible]. i think, well -- he asked me for the time. that's all he wanted was the time. i look up


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